Tanker Overturned, Spills Away 20,000 Liters Petrol

An oil tanker overturned, spills away 20,000 liters of petrol in a dangerous incident that occurred this morning in New Delhi. The oil spill and the overturned tanker in the city have caused heavy traffic jam this morning. While the details are still being awaited, the police and fire service are working on clearing the tanker to ease the traffic.

Approximately 20,000 litres of petrol spilled on the road as a tanker overturned at Moolchand underpass in Delhi on Tuesday. Two people have been injured the accident, reported ANI. “As a result, the traffic movement from South Extension to Ashram has been badly affected, causing much problem to the people heading towards their office.” added the report.

The driver and the helper of the tanker have been injured in this incident. According to the news reports, the spilled petrol is approximated at a cost of Rupees 13 lakhs.

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