The Dream of a Free Tibet

How old are you today? This is the most striking question for a Tibetan around the world. The passage of a generation has gone by very unexpectedly for the Tibetans in this century and the plans of most Tibetans are shifting towards something more consolidated not driven by the optismistic dreams of a Free Tibet! The hope of returning back to the homeland Tibet from the exile world for Tibetans survived the last generation of Tibetans in exile across the world. But the truth turns out to be a more complicated and cruel to the Tibetan cause. The better half of returning soon to Tibet has almost vanished from most of the optimists and a rather less virtual world for the Tibetans have come into being for the Tibetans today!

Today there is an extreme series of last assorted way of protest fuming the lives of hundreds of Tibetans in desperation. The unwavering chain of self immolations coming from the Tibetan community is a signification of hate and boundless desire of a triumphant solution for the Tibetans who have been waiting meekly for the last fifty years on! However, the Chinese community seems to be too ignorant and too innocent to care for it. Today, I have seen the toll of self immolations reach 114 and it seems like the issue of burning oneself seems to be of insignificant and that is what is pinching at the heart. Whatsoever have moved the world seems to be forcing them to issue certain press releases against the China for a look into the case! How could it be so insignificant like this? The UNO and the most powerful nations of the world claim to stand up for the cause of justice and human rights but what has brought them back from standing genuinely? This is what Tibetans across the world are greiving about today.

I came across an article stating that Tibet needs entrepreneur like the TATAs and to me it felt like an irony. What does that mean? Where should the cause of Tibetan freedom come in this area of conquest and dream of our life?

The world itself is extremely hectic with tight schedule to attend to everyday and myriad sources of inspirations and desire to work for life of wealth and luxury. However, it is not a blame game coming out here. Rather, it is the explanation of the course complexity of the route the Tibetans are along across the word today. Today, the sojourn sought by the first Tibetans with the Dalai Lama in the exile world has shifted to strongly set chain of communities that are worth economically and socially. This Tibetan world has grown to have more rationalistic approach, believing in a fight to go on for generations to come. This is what has caused the dream of a Free Tibet to live up in parallel with the livelihood that is not just towards sustenance but excellence. May be the very prospect of His Holiness’s vision of Tibetan movement was in such a direction as he gave strongest emphasis since the day one in exile on imparting education to the Tibetan people.

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2 thoughts on “The Dream of a Free Tibet

  • February 20, 2016 at 3:11 am

    The Tibetan journel is very interesting to read and it makes feel a Tibetan come closer to Tibet for a youth like me.keep the work going on!

    • February 20, 2016 at 4:48 am

      thank you and we will keep going on…


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