Team Tibet Knocked Out of World Football Cup 2018

After the third consecutive loss in the league matches of the Paddy Power CONIFA World Football Cup, 2018 in London, Team Tibet is now knocked out of the tournament as it does not qualify for the next rounds. The Tibetan team played against the strong team of Karpatalya on Sunday after which ended with final score of 5-1 against the Tibetan side.

With 16 teams initially competing in the World Football Cup 2018 in London beginning from May 31, Tibet along with 7 others have been knocked out of the tournament. Now the tournament progresses further with the remaining 8 teams facing each other in the quarterfinals. The final match of the tournament is scheduled for 9 June 2018.

Despite the fact that Team Tibet which consists of amateur players from different parts of India, Nepal and Europe, playing against teams like the North Cyprus and Karpatalya, made up of mostly professional players, Tibetan side were lauded for the determination and skills displayed on the ground. Tenzing Yougyal also made a wonderful goal from outside the box in the Sunday match against the Karpatalya as attached in the video below.

Politically, Tibetans participating in the international tournament is being considered as a huge achievement for them as it has gathered very strong awareness about Tibet in the media. Though Tibet’s inclusion costed the organizers brands ready to make sponsorships amounting to six figures, at the fear of offending China, Tibet has been an equivocal part of the tournament.

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One thought on “Team Tibet Knocked Out of World Football Cup 2018

  • June 4, 2018 at 12:27 pm

    Tibet is not yet kicked out. They still have 3 more placement games to play, please update article.


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