Tibet Remains Closed For 10 Days To All Visitors

Tibet remains closed for 10 days to all visitors according to the reports. The authorities have closed down Tibet to all foreign visitors since last week in view of the on going top-level government meetings being held in Beijing and Lhasa between October 18 to October 28 this year.

“Visits by foreigners to the sometimes volatile Himalayan region of Tibet will be suspended until the end of a major Chinese political meeting in Beijing next month, a tour operator said Monday.” said the report in Miami Herald.

The report informed that a woman from the state run Tibet International Travel Service in the Tibet capital Lhasa told over the phone that no foreigners would be issued special permits to visit the country until October 29 this year.

The Communist Party’s national congress which meets once every five years is being held between October 18 and October 28 this year and the government has also booked all the Tibetan hotels where foreigners are permitted to stay.

During this period, it is not just foreigners but also Tibetans living in the Amdo region of Qinghai who are not allowed to travel in the Tibet Autonomous Region according to the similar reports in Radio Free Asia.

The repressive crackdown over Tibet is a regular practice by the authorities as every now and then, such blockades keep coming up in order to carry out every possible means to suppress any case of protests from the Tibetans.

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