Tibetan Girl Wins A University Senate Election in US

A Tibetan girl has won in a US University Senate election and it is a great victory owing to Tibetans. The Tibetan girl contested in the elections and got elected in a tightly fought senate contest in one of the vibrant campuses in the United States. The University Senate elections took place between February 18 – 21 this year.

Tenzin Youedon is a second year student at the University of California, Davis who participated in the Winter 2020 Senate Election in the Campus has been elected. She is one of six students to be elected as senators of the 4000+ membered campus. Youedon and her mother has expressed pleasure over the victory in an interview by Radio Free Asia Tibetan.

Tenzin is majoring in political science and philosophy, wishes to pursue a career in governance and policy making. She as well as her mother hopes that she could contribute in the Tibetan cause in the long run. The young Tibetan girl has been elected in the round 6 of the Winter 2020 senator elections in the campus securing more than 900 votes.

“Hello! My name is Tenzin Youedon. My pronouns are she/her. With my experience working on the staff of a Senator in ASUCD as well as years of working for the Tibetan movement through various NGOs I have the necessary abilities to support our diverse community of students here in UC Davis as your Senator.” she has introduced herself in the campaign.

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