Tibetan Settlement Leader Suicides In Mundgod

The Head of Doeguling Tibetan Settlement Camp No. 1 in Mundgod has committed suicide on 13th Jan, 2015 by hanging himself. Mr. Yeshi Jungney, a former solder of Special Frontier Force is allegedly said to have committed suicide due his dissatisfaction in justification with a monk of the very same settlement who had manhandled him in public during the Preliminary Tibetan Parliament Elections last year.

The dead body has been taken by the police to the local government hospital for postmortem.

The deceased and the monk who belongs to Rungpo Khangtsen of Loseling Monastery went into a violent scuffle when the deceased intervened the monk who had approached the ballot box with around 15 ballot papers. The incident went viral and when the deceased approached the authorities, the monk was made to present a public apology and he was also punished to work in the monastery kitchen for one week.

The deceased had left several suicide notes addressed to respective authorities and even the local police. It is allegedly told that the notes mention about his dissatisfaction with the justification of the above incident. Some of the notes were written in Tibetan while some were written in colloquial Hindi in English.

The general public opinion of the deceased leader is that he was a dedicated leader of the community. The incident is a very unfortunate one and the rising trend Tibetans resorting to suicides is a very alarming situation.

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