Tibetan from India Visiting Tibet on Valid Chinese Document Jailed

A Tibetan monk who was visiting his families in Tibet from India was arrested after a month of his arrival and jailed for unknown charges against according to information coming from inside Tibet. The Tibetan monk, a refugee in India was traveling to Tibet on valid travel documents issued by the Chinese embassy.

Tashi Choeying is a 37 year old monk enrolled at the Ganden Jangtse monastic college in South India and he was arrested on November 21, 2016. However, his family and relatives did not hear about his whereabouts until the end of the year 2017, when an inmate released from the prison in Dartsedo informed his family about his imprisonment.

His family came to know only then that he was sentenced to six years of jail term for being convicted on unknown charges on November 21, 2017.

“Sources close to Choeying say that during his stay in India he may have spoken to the media about self-immolation protests challenging Chinese rule in Tawu and other Tibetan areas of China, and this may have resulted in his arrest,” said the report in RFA.

The report also explained that everyone who knows him says that he is a good-mannered monk with impeccable integrity. He is a very kind and patriotic person with a deep love for his people and Tibet’s language and culture!

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