A Tornado Spotted Swirling Over Tibet’s Capital Lhasa

A tornado was spotted swirling in the sky in the capital of Tibet, Lhasa according to the records of video footage shared by tourist and locals on last Saturday. The people were shocked of the situation as it is one of very rare situations of have occurred in Tibet. The whole weather condition lasted of around 10 minutes.

The video footage shows a funnel shaped tornado stretching out of the dark cloud of the sky, swirling around in the sky.

The sighting is the first tornado to have been sighted in Tibet since 1961 according to the local media. This sighting captured the local residents and some tourists in shock watching at the tornado.

According to to the local media, it was first reported by the local residents that a waterspout hovering over the clouds in the sky was sighted but the report was later confirmed to be a tornado by the meteorologists.

Fortunately, the weather condition lasted for around 10 minutes and it was reported that there were no casualties or damages by the tornado.

Locals watching the tornado
Locals watching the tornado
Tornado seen over Tibet
Tornado seen over Tibet

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