Two Students Stab Teacher For Being Rusticated

Two students stabbed their teacher for being rusticated over low attendance. The class twelve students of a government school in west Delhi’s Nangloi area attacked their teacher after an argument when the teacher rusticated one of the students for having low attendance. The incident took place in the afternoon of Monday according to reports.

“The teacher, Mukesh Kumar (50), received stab wounds in his abdomen, thigh and waist, said police. Kumar, who is a PGT teacher and teaches Hindi, is being treated at Balaji Action Hospital. His condition is stated to be critical, police added.” said the report in the Indian Express.

According to the report, one of the two students was rusticated on September 12 for having low attendance. The two students encountered the teacher around 4:30 pm yesterday outside the class where the teacher conducted an examination. While they got into an argument, one of the students used a knife and stabbed the teacher several times!

The incident has highly alarmed many teachers associations and they have warned of protests if the police did not apprehend the unruly boys as soon as possible. According to the education director of the two students stab teacher following the students meeting their principal to talk about leaving the school. He informed that the students could have been nursing grudges against the teachers.

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  • November 26, 2017 at 12:17 am

    American readers need to know that the British usage of ‘rusticate’ found in this article means to suspend from school or university. Thanks!


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