Where is Tibet…

Where is Tibet today…

Traditionally and historically so well known and enriched part of the world, Tibet, is at its one of the most tragic stages today. The history about Tibet has been in record since as early as 7th century onwards with the advent of the Tibetan script and the rise of its empire across the whole Asian continent. Though Tibet is considered as one of the humblest and one of the most religious countries in the world today, it has a mighty history that conquered almost whole Asia!

Despite the fact that this country, which one of the most important part of the world has a fully convincing historical background of its independent status, Tibet is today one of the hottest issues of freedom and independence today. When there is the question where is Tibet, there are lots of answers depending how people perceive about Tibet and how Tibet is.

Where is Tibet geographically?

Tibet is situated sandwiched between the two most powerful nuclear giants of Asia, i.e., India and China which is elevated above sea level to about 6500 feet. Topography of Tibetan region is in the form of a plateau, in fact, the highest plateau in the world. More interestingly, its borders are aligned by the ranges of the majestic Himalayas that make you feel like the God itself wanted this part of the world to be protected from the atrocities outside! Though the world at large little innocent about the geographical significance of this land, it the largest reserve of fresh water source in the world after the two poles and hence also called as the Third Pole of the world. Since this region is under severe exploitation in terms of both its people and natural resources, the impact will be shown throughout the world.’

Where is Tibet for the Tibetans?

Since early 1959, more than 150 thousand Tibetans have fled from their motherland Tibet and took refugee first in India and later in different parts of the world. The Tibetan spiritual and political head, the Dalai Lama has always been reverence of the Tibetans and he has been the Tibetans since many centuries. The above incident happened as a result of the Dalai Lama’s escape from Tibet that sparked the escaped of his followers. For the Tibetans, Tibet is a mission and there is a consolidated regional acclamation that does not exist on the world map due to the Chinese conquering it since 1950s and its so allegations of it being a part of it. But for these Tibetans, Tibet is in their minds passing it from generation to generation, hoping to return back from the Diaspora. Though the original escapades from the land of Tibet in the diaspora are fading away with time, Tibet is still carried forward with the fact that a free Tibet will prevail as the truth is that Tibet has always been a free nation before 1950s.

For those Tibetans inside Tibet, there Tibet lies in a hope that their countrymen in the Diaspora will return back with glory and relive a free Tibet very soon. For them, Tibet is there in the patience, pain and suffering they face in front of the foreign rule in their home.

Where is Tibet for the Chinese?

The Chinese political system is so rigid and hard lined that the larger part of their population is kept in illusion of what is happening in and outside of China! The fact is that the broadcasting through televisions and internet, other communication systems are directly censored by the government and the flow of an original message is highly impractical. For them, Tibet is just an ethnic group within the People’s Republic of China and for them; the Tibetans are trying to separate from the main land and creating chaos in the civil society! While the original situation is that Tibetans are fighting for their basic human rights that are denied by the ruling party in view of destroying the cultural and the race of Tibet! Besides, it is also a mist for the Chinese layman that chaos was actually being created by the Republic armies and not the Tibetans that is known by the whole world!

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