Why Chinese International Students Hate Dalai Lama?

Chinese international students hate Dalai Lama. Do they? Are they really sure they hate the world renowned spiritual leader of the Tibetan people? A recent article by Timothy Deng regarding the reasons why two Chinese students hate the Dalai Lama provide very bleak and emotional content that really fails to testify the article title, ‘Why Chinese International Students Hate the Dalai Lama“, just as the author himself fails to regard facts to clear his confusion.

The article records the opinions of two Chinese junior students the author meets over some coffee. The author accounts the reasons Yuki Huang and Yuxiao Fang why they hate the Dalai Lama. Their accounts as mentioned in the article promotes an emotionally biased opinion in disregard of historical, statistical and ground facts.

Do the Tibetans enjoy more rights than the Chinese citizens themselves? I have not heard of this till today! But this article accounts Yuki, a Chinese student who claims to have lived in Tibet that the Tibetans enjoy more rights than the Chinese citizens. This statement itself separates the Tibetans from Chinese citizens and I assumed she meant Chinese citizens enjoyed the privilege. Tibetans are not even being allowed to travel within the Tibetan prefecture without a special permission and I could mention only this to avoid stretching this article too long to list all discriminating policies against Tibetans. However, I wish to learn of what she knows about such rights she mentions!

When Yuki is quoted as saying the Tibetans in Tibet regard the Dalai Lama as a fraud and a dictator, it immediately clicks in my mind only of the Chinese spokespersons and the China mouthpiece media. I wonder if she already is or aspires to be a part of one of the two! Where does the fact lie in this? I just want to bring out the fact China is banning even the pictures of the Dalai Lama which is kept (openly or in secret) by almost every Tibetan inside Tibet.

How does bringing in Chinese workers to Tibet benefit Tibetans? The Chinese lady should think about why the Tibetans have become minority within Tibet? Besides, which is Dalai Lama’s home country that she feels he is splitting apart? If Yuxiao Fang, the second person in the article feels that the Dalai Lama inciting violence is not a Chinese propaganda why not question the credibility of the Nobel Prize institution that honoured him with their highest award for promoting peace in 1989?

In fact the Yuxiao sounds more genuine and honest in his revelation of why he hates the Dalai Lama. He says that their participation in the event in the presence of the Dalai Lama can be hurtful to their future career prospects. They are actually scared of their government and wishes to remain clean in the eyes of the government. I really wonder how logical they are! Instead of looking forward to developing China and getting rid of such discriminatory policies against the innocents (if they are), they are venting off their frustrations at the Dalai Lama, in the United States!

But why should you Chinese international students love the Dalai Lama? My assumptions; you are educated and understand the difference of good and bad. History is a past story and I won’t deal with that to confuse you more. What does the Dalai Lama preach and propose? I presume you didn’t hear it or else you wouldn’t be in a doubt.

According to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, leaving aside the differences, Tibetans should compromise the status of an independent Tibet to a genuine autonomy, avoiding possible violent clashes in the former’s struggle and develop a mutually beneficial resolution of Tibet issue and does not wishes to disturb the common Chinese people. Hope this much is enough for now to your information. Besides, you don’t even have a valid reason to hate the Dalai Lama!

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