Xi Jingping Tells Tibetan Families Living Near Arunachal Pradesh Settle near Indian Border

Chinese President Xi Jingping, in a recent letter addressed to a herding family in Lhunze County in Tibet, told the families to settle themselves near the Indian border so that there would be “peace in the territory”. China claims that more than 2,000 kms of the disputed area at the Line of Actual Control is part of Southern Tibet near the foot of the Himalayas.

Xi, who endorsed his second tenure this week after completing his five years as the leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC), said: “Without peace in the territory, there will be no peaceful lives for the millions of families.” The state-run media Xinhua said that Xi made the remarks in a reply after the Tibetan herders wrote to him regarding the introduction of their township.

Xi Jingping’s order pertains to the fact that India and China has longstanding territorial disputes, Doklam being the most recent and controversial one. The Line of Actual Control is a disputed land which covers 4,057 km according to India while it is 2,000 kms for China.

The Economic Times said that Xi thanked the family for safeguarding the territory and for their loyalty and contribution. Xi expressed hope that the herders would encourage other families to set down their roots closer to the border.

The Doklam stand-off between India and China has pacified considerably in the past few months. India has expressed gratitude to Bhutan for its stand in the dispute and has claimed that it is a safe distance away from contentious issue.

Beginning his second tenure as the leader of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Xi Jingping said that he would ensure that people of all ethnic groups in China lead better lives in the coming days.

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