China Crackdown Tibetans in the Name of Fighting ‘Organized Crimes’

The Chinese government is implementing a crackdown of Tibetan Social Groups in the name of fighting against ‘Organized Crimes’ says the fresh report published by the Human Rights Watch on Sunday. According to the report, the authority is now treating even the traditional forms of social actions in Tibetan areas as illegal in the crackdown campaign.

“Chinese authorities are using an ostensible anti-mafia campaign to target suspected political dissidents and suppress civil society initiatives in Tibetan areas, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The authorities are now treating even traditional forms of social action, including local mediation of community or family disputes by lamas or other traditional authority figures, as illegal.” said the report in official website of Human Rights Watch on Sunday.

“Police and Chinese Communist Party cadres already had virtually unlimited power over the daily lives of Tibetans,” said Sophie Richardson, China director at Human Rights Watch. “But now authorities can prosecute people for simply gathering for any purpose not directly mandated or approved by the state.”

The Tibet Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau published ‘organized crime’ activities which include any initiatives for the promotion of local language and culture, and protection of the local environment. The document deems those activities to be expressions of support for the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, and therefore subversive. Similarly, traditional forms of social organization, such as the mediation of community and family disputes and community welfare funds, are characterized as organized crime according to the report.

“Beijing repeatedly claims that Tibetans have autonomy and their rights as an ethnic minority are respected,” Richardson said. “But the realities show only increasing repression of Tibetans’ daily lives and basic human rights.”

Chinese Communist Party is carrying out these crackdowns at the local level to eliminate the existing influence of Tibetan religious figures, lamas and traditional leaders within Tibetan communities as well as of their leadership in the exile.

Photo: A cartoon used in their circular to criminalize  any form support form of support towards self immolation victims

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