Czech Rallies For Free Tibet With 740 Town Halls Hoisting Tibetan Flags

In the Czech Republic which is one of the most prominent pro Free Tibet nations in the world, Tibetan flags have been displayed out on March 10 since 1996. This year they set out a record of 740 Czech town halls and 113 schools joining the campaign.

The Czech Republic in support and solidarity to the plight of Tibetans oppressed under the violent occupation by the Chinese since 1959, they organise an event called “Flag for Tibet” which includes hoisting the Tibetan national flag on their buildings on the day of Tibetan National Uprising commemoration while at the same time they gather around the China Embassy in Praque to lobby for Free Tibet.

The “Flag for Tibet” event was been in effect since 10th March of 1996 under which they display the Tibetan National Flag on the City Halls of all the participating Municipalities. Besides the city halls, other important buildings such as schools also display the Tibetan Flag through which they mark the anniversary of Chinese annexation of Tibet.

Besides the display of the Tibetan National Flag, around 300 people have gathered outside the China Embassy in Prague to protest against Human Rights violation by China inside Tibet.

Sadly Praque city town hall did not take part in the event for consecutive second year and the Tibetan Flag was not hoisted on the Praque city town hall. Christian Democrat councilor Jan Wolf explains it as “We have rules in place at City Hall, which only permit the displaying of three flags – that of the Czech Republic, European Union, and understandably the yellow-red Prague flag…No flags of other nations will be permitted here.”

In addition to the government buildings, the flags were also displayed passionately from the windows of private individuals, by various public officials, celebrities, schools, cinemas and so on.

Czech Rallies For Free Tibet With 740 Town Halls Hoisting Tibetan Flags
Czech Rallies For Free Tibet With 740 Town Halls Hoisting Tibetan Flags

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