Dalai Lama Begins Teachings for 50,000 Devotees in Bodh Gaya

The Tibetan spiritual leader His Holmes the Dalai Lama has begun his teachings this morning with more than 50,000 devotees attending from the across the world at the Kalachakra ground in Bodh Gaya. His Holiness initiated his three days teaching on Dharmachakra Parivaretan Sutra on The Four Noble Truths (chokyi khorlo korwe do) & Sutra on Dependent Origination (tendrel chi do).

“The main disciple of the threeday teachings are the Indians. Giving this discourse to my Indian dharma friends, I am very fortunate for the opportunity because the teaching of Buddha originated in India and great masters of Nalanda were from India. It can be a role model in terms of harmony of religious traditions and secular thoughts. All the world’s major religions have flourished here for 1000 years. There are the indigenous traditions like the Samkhya, Jain and Buddhist traditions, and they have been joined by Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.” His Holiness the Dalai Lama said the teaching today.

“This is the land where we can find all these traditions living together in mutual respect. India’s secular ideals affirms respect not only for all religions but non-belivers too. Such is the rich culture of India.” His Holiness added.

This teaching will last till Sunday and following that the Buddhist spiritual leader will also give teachings on Nagarjuna’s Commentary on Bodhicitta (jangchup semdrel) & Gyalsey Thokme Sangpos’s Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva (laklen sodunma) in the mornings of January 14 and 15.

His Holiness will also confer the Avalokiteshvera Initiation (chenresig wangchen) on the mornings of January 15 and 16. Following the initiation on January 16 morning, a long life offering ceremony (tenshug) to His Holiness will be made at the joint request of Lamyn Gegeen Tenzinjamphelchoijisheinen Tulku of Mongolia and Namgyal Monastery.

42nd Sakya trizin, 104th Gaden Tripa and many other Tibetan religious heads and scholars attended the inaugural teaching. Total devotees in attendance exceeds more than 50,000 from over 68 countries around the world.

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