Dalai Lama Congratulates German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel took the oath to assume the office of German Chancellor for the fourth term on Wednesday. The Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama issued a congratulatory letter to the German leader on Thursday according to the report published by the official website of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

“You have been an enduring and inspirational leader,” he wrote, “representing vision and stability. I am a great admirer of the spirit of the European Union, putting the common good ahead of local interests among nations, some of whom have historically fought each other. For over sixty years peace has prevailed, which is a sign of human maturity and a cause for celebration. It is my dream that before long similar unions will be established in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

“In these times of great uncertainty and upheaval, I very much appreciate your leadership in meeting your people’s hopes and aspiration. I also admire your continued commitment to bringing about a more peaceful and compassionate world.”

Angela Merkel was sworn in as Chancellor of Germany after she was voted by the German lawmakers to lead the government after  almost six months of political turmoil in the country.

“In a secret ballot, 364 of the Bundestag’s 709 members voted in favor of Merkel — nine more than the 50% required. Thirty-five MPs from the parties governing under Merkel did not vote to re-elect her.” said the report in CNN on Wednesday which also added that the swearing in of Merkel marked the final stepping stone on the path to Germany’s new government renewal of the so-called grand coalition (“GroKo”) between the Chancellor’s CDU/Christian Social Union alliance and the SPD.

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