Indian Woman Finally Ends Hunger Strike After 16 Years

An Indian lady activist Irom Sharmila Chanu has decided to finally put an end to her 16 years of hunger strike against a government law. The announcement came yesterday where declared that she will be ending the hunger strike 9th of the coming August. She will then be campaigning for local elections as an independent candidate.

“Ms Chanu had been protesting the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) which gives soldiers sweeping powers to arrest without warrants and even shoot to kill in certain situations.” says a report in the BBC and she has been through this protest since year 2000 when 10 civilians were killed by the Indian soldiers.

She has been surviving through force feeding done with the help of a tube through her nose for more a decade now. AFSPA is still in practice in several Indian state such as Jammu and Kashmir as well as Sharmila’s home state, Manipur and Ms. Chanu vowed to fight the issue on a political platform now.

“I have changed my strategy. I will contest election with the agenda for repeal of AfSPA. I want to see my agenda being fulfilled while I am alive. My new strategy is to utilise the strong democratic power,” said the Ms. Chanu who is better known as the ‘Iron Lady’.
In addition to start campaigning for the elections, she will be getting married and the bridegroom’s identity is expected to be revealed only after 9th of August.

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