Tibetan Sweater Sellers Donate Warmth Among Orphans

The Tibetan sweater sellers in the Indian state of Maharashtra has taken up the noble act of spreading their love by donating warm cloths among the orphans in the state. Tibetan sweater sellers has carried out this donation on Wednesday, the blessed day of His Holiness to help the poor keep themselves warm with dipping temperature.

According to the Tibetan report in the Voice of Tibet website, around 17 Tibetan families carrying their winter business in the Maharashtra district of Nandi have freely distributed warm clothing to around 170 orphans and physically challenged children belonging to three of orphanages/rehabilitation centres in the locality.

The report also explained that the effort in spreading the warmth among the underprivileged was partly to express Tibetans’ gratitude to the people of India while at the same time creating awareness about the issue of Tibet in the locality. The sweater sellers belong to Tibetan settlements in Mundgod, Bylakyppe, Kollegal and Hunsur in Karnataka.

Despite the fact that many of the Tibetan sweater sellers are looking at recovering the sales affected by demonetisation in the previous season in this season, they are not behind their efforts of sharing love and warmth among the less privileged. The sweater business or often known as the winter business is the major source of livelihood for most of Tibetans living in remote Tibetan settlements across the country.

Tibetan refugees in India have been spreading into Indian cities during the winter season to spread warmth among the city dwellers. From this year, the Tibetan sweater sellers have boycotted the sales of Chinese items and they are mostly selling desi make warm cloths such as woollens, jackets, pants, etc., sourced from Ludhiana and New Delhi.

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