A Chinese Spy Arrested from Majnu Ka Tilla in Delhi

A Chinese spy has been arrested from Majnu Ka Tilla where the Tibetan settlement is located in New Delhi, the capital city of India. The Delhi Police’s special cell on Friday identified the Chinese spy who was arrested by the Indian police on September 13 and had been kept in their custody since then.

“The Delhi Police have arrested a Chinese national allegedly for running a spy ring. The Chinese man, identified as Charlie Peng, 39, was arrested on September 13, from Majnu Ka Tilla in Delhi.” said the ANI news report on Friday according the NDTV portal.

Majnu Ka Tilla hosts the Tibetan settlement which is one of the most well known attractions in the city for its vibrant community offering various Tibetan restaurants providing authentic Tibetan foods and garment stalls providing fashionable cloths. Since the Tibetan settlement attracts people from all backgrounds and countries, it is important to be wary such spies too.

The report also added that an Indian passport, an Aadhaar card and Rs. 3.5 lakh in cash was seized from him by the police. Apart from Indian currency, $2000 US, over Rs. 2000 in Thai currency and several incriminating documents and an SUV belonging Mr. Peng have also been found.

According to the police, Mr Peng travelled to India five years ago and since then have been moving around mostly in the northeastern states and Himachal Pradesh. He is even reported to have married an Indian girl and got a passport from Manipur.

The Chinese government well known to be using various espionage techniques to spy on Tibetan communities in exile. Earlier this year, a person of Tibetan origin was also arrested and sentence in Sweden against charges of spying on the Tibetan communities on behalf of the Chinese agencies.

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