Sweden Arrests Chinese for Spying on Tibetan Refugees

A Chinese man is reported to have been arrested and charged in Sweden for spying on the Tibetan refugees in the country and around. The mid aged man is charged for infiltrating into Tibetan refugee community in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe to gather details as required by the Chinese government.

“Swedish prosecutors today charged a 49-year-old Chinese man with espionage for allegedly gathering intelligence on Tibetan refugees in Sweden and Norway for China. The man, identified in the charge sheet as Dorjee Gyantsan, is accused of infiltrating the Tibetan community to pass information on their personal and political activities to Chinese officials in exchange for money.” said the report in the Outlook on Wednesday.

The Local Sweden portal reported that the man carried out his suspected espionage on “certain people of importance to the Chinese regime” Swedish prosecutors said, primarily through attending political meetings of the Tibetan diaspora in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe with a purpose to “pass this information to representatives of the Chinese state”.

The Swedish prosecutor have taken the issue very seriously as the man was deeply embedded in the Tibetan community; initially acquiring resident status as a refugee in Sweden had also covered a visit of the Dalai Lama to Norway as a reporter for the pro-Tibetan Voice of Tibet as well as participated in Tibetan anti-China protests in Norway, according to the report. The prosecutor believes the spy could have caused or still cause a large number of people serious harm.

“It is clear that there are spies who are sent by China to Tibetan communities, but this is the first time it’s been officially investigated. It will be interesting for us to know if it’s really true or not. We’ve heard that it’s happening, but now we might have evidence.” Jamyang Choedon, president of Tibetan community in Sweden told the local news portal.

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