Local Apprentices Now Overtaking Tibetan Winter Businesses

The winter business solutions for the Tibetan refugees in India has been a blessed source of livelihood over the last many decades. However, with the Tibetans being highly mobile, the local Indian apprentices of the Tibetans are now overtaking the winter business in some parts of India.

Since the Tibetans sought refuge in India back in 1959, they began rebuilding the centers of learning and culture in India. While it was a rough ride initially struggling for livelihoods through road construction jobs, the exile community is well off today.

The practice to set up temporary stalls in various cities across the country during the winter seasons to sell winter wears has been a source of decent livelihood for many Tibetan refugee families. Besides, the Tibetan winter markets have become local attraction in various cities across the country today.

However, it is also a well known truth that many apprentices of Tibetans have started their own markets in many cities, thus overtaking the Tibetan winter businesses. As per the report in The Hindu on Saturday, most of the winter wear businesses in Adilabadm, a town in Hyderabad are today owned by the locals.

The report explained that as many as 25 of the 28 shops selling woollen garments and accessories near TNGOs home, NTR Chowk and Girls’ High School now belong to the local businessmen.

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One thought on “Local Apprentices Now Overtaking Tibetan Winter Businesses

  • January 6, 2019 at 2:20 am

    This is rediculous that local people just simply saying goods is expensive but it is not.. Because we do sells and we know it… I think local people get jeleous a our bussiness…… We are refugee and we don’t have any specific bussiness to source of income rather than only this sweeter bussiness and if you local indian stop our bussiness than it is such a very shameful, jeleous and inhuminity the citizens is India…


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