Tibetan Protesters At China Embassy New Delhi Arrested

Around 100 Tibetans arrested for staging protest against the President Xi Jingping at China embassy in New Delhi. Tibetan Youth Congress members along Tibetan youth studying at Delhi University started the protest at the China Embassy in New Delhi. The Tibetan protesters are led by the members of Tibetan NGO, Tibetan Youth Congress, the largest Tibetan NGO headquartered in Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India.

“Around 100 Tibetan Youth Congress activists including two centrex member Tsewang Dolma, Information Secretary & Tashi Dhargyal, Social Service Secretary and Tenzin Choedar President of RTYC Delhi, Sonam Tsering of RTYC Rohini president and members are arrested at Chinese Embassy in Delhi protesting China’s illegal occupation of Tibet and the demolition of Larung Gar Buddhist Academy.” reported the official Facebook page of the NGO.

The protest comes as the President Xi Jingping is in India for the BRICS Summit at Goa. They have clearly indicated in the Facebook post as well as in the video posts of the glimpses of the protests going on that they are protesting against the illegal occupation of Tibet by China as well as the recent issue of demolishing the largest Tibetan Buddhist centre, Larung Gar.

China forcefully occupied Tibet in 1959 claiming to liberate Tibet. Today they claim Tibet as an inseparable part of China irrespective of global evidence of Tibet being an independent country since ancient times. Recently, China with special personal interest from President Xi, demolished large sections of the largest Tibetan Buddhist centre Larung Gar to reduce the strength of practitioners and students there. Owing to this project, Chinese authorities forcefully ordered the Tibetan monks and nuns to return to their home. Two Tibetans even committed suicide in this forced demolishing.

Around hundred thousand Tibetans fled from Tibet after 1959, lead His Holiness the Dalai Lama sought refugee in India. Tibetans inside as well as outside Tibet continues to protest against the forced invasion of Tibet. China has been imposing extreme repression against the Tibetans inside Tibet, stripping of even their basic human rights.

Tibetan protesters regularly stage protests against Chinese officials whenever they visit the foreign countries where there are Tibetans. Such protests are made peacefully in anticipation from the officials to provide basic human rights to the Tibetans inside Tibet.

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