Penpa Tsering’s Rebuttal Against Kashag’s 10 Point Clarification

Penpa Tsering’s rebuttal against Kashag’s 10 point clarification took place yesterday at Dharamshala following his handing over of the Office of Tibet, Washington as the representative to the North America. While the session of his explanation lasted for more than two hours at the Norbu House in McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, he made a rebuttal against the 10 points issued by Kashag earlier in clarification to his removal.

While countering all the allegations made by the Dr. Lobsang Sangay led Kashag, the former speaker of Tibetan Parliament in Exile presented a 97 paged document in argument against each of the 10 points made by Kashag in his removal. The former speaker also informed that the charges were intended to tarnish his reputation and the Kashag holds the responsibility of the unrest in the community and the consequences with regard to the issue of the $1.5 Million dollars.

The explanation from Penpa Tsering was live streamed on the social media by most of the Tibetan medias and without dealing into the details, lets discuss the 10 points rebuttal from the former speaker:

In the first point, in contradiction to Kashag’s statement of having issued three warnings against the Representative for failing to carry the responsibilities satisfactorily, Penpa Tsering reiterated that he had be served one and only as final warning. While in the context of the second point, the former representative argued that the Department of Information and International Relations, CTA had directed to send reports only on April 20.

In the case of insubordination from the representative as Kashag accused in the third point, Penpa Tsering corrected the Kashag statement that he didn’t announce the appointment of Kunga Tashi as the Chinese Liason officer in New York rather he told that an approval has been sought from the Kashag for his appointment.

With regard to the fourth point, Penpa Tsering said that he had reported about the Dholgyal followers welcoming Xi Jingping in the US in contrast to the accusation. While in the fifth point, where the representative was accused of not being able to schedule meetings with US leaders during Sikyong’s visit, he added that they had been served short notice of Sikyong’s visit which rendered them unable to resolve the conflicts in the schedule with the US leaders as it was out of their control. He also produced proof letters of his effort in arranging meetings in that short notice.

Penpa Tsering argued over the sixth point which accused him of failing in raising funds saying that despite with a totally new Trump administration, he had been able to get continued funding assistance for Tibetans from the US government. In regard to the seventh point relating to the closure of five bank accounts, he said that it was due to political reasons to which they could do nothing. He also added that by promptly coordinating with DIIR, there were no any losses incurred in taxes as claimed by Sikyong.

Talking about the $1.5 Million dollar in the Eighth point, he said that the amount was being carried on as loan in Tibet Fund account every year while the Office of Tibet did not have any documentation about the same account as repayable loan. He also argued that as suggested in the ninth point, Penpa Tsering while accepting that he had a long chat with Dhardon Sharling one evening, he informed that he did to try to convince her, then the female kalon nominee against working with Sikyong.

While the tenth point was related to the termination of his role and the appointment of his replacement. The former speaker while he challenging all the allegations from Kashag with documents, he warned that if kashag does not prove all their points with documents or failing to respond, he would take further action. The complete videos of the complete rebuttal from the former speaker can be viewed as published here.

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Editor at Tibetan Journal

4 thoughts on “Penpa Tsering’s Rebuttal Against Kashag’s 10 Point Clarification

  • December 8, 2017 at 12:48 am

    Dear Penpa Tsering la,

    You made wrong calculation by drawing protestors against kashag’s decision of your dismissal. It has cause further damages on you and worse is that you did not try to stop those protestors and those of your supporters are abusing and thrashing against Ngodup Tsering la during the meeting in DC office.

    Majority of people believed 10 point charges laid by kashag against you and people see it valid reason to replace you. Sikyong and kashag lost trust on you and there is no way any leader in the world would still keep an employee who did not remain loyalty to its leader.

    Trying to challenge against Kashag’s decision is not going to bring you fruitful now and who will read and believe 97 pages of stories from you now. Don’t play politics for your removal as an employee by kashag.

    I see only two option left for you which is the best for you in your future ahead.

    1. Do nothing and wait until current MP term finishes and then you may can campaign again
    for MP position to get back into exile government. Use that platform to rise your career.

    2. If still you can’t accept Kashag’s decision, appeal to justice department and send your 97
    pages of your stories rather than drawing your supporters to protest against
    Sikyong/Kashag/CTA which will further damage your reputation and character.

    if justice department accept your appeal then your 97 pages of stories may be read.
    If you are not successful with justice department decision you will never ever work in exile
    government for the rest of your life.

    There fore my sincere advise is take the first option. Meanwhile remain at your home relax
    and try to recollect where it has gone wrong. We all make mistake and intelligent people
    accept mistake and learn from the mistake and become successful.

    PT la “Don’t hit your head against wall and don’t kick in the air” be remain humble and
    plan your future.

    It is very common and usual practice in western countries any employee who is in not supportive to its leader/underperformance and do not meet as expected on work will be replaced whether be it government or business organisation employee.

    I must also tell this, employee who have been working for CTA 10 plus years should not boast around. You all are well paid plus free housing, electricity, water and kids free boarding school. In western country we don’t get such facilities working 27 plus years as
    government employee.

  • December 8, 2017 at 3:46 pm

    You have the audacity to lecture a prominent and respectable former speaker who served the CTA over two decades. He has every right and reason to answer the allegations hurled on him by Sikyong and Kashag. It is not him but Sikyong and his accomplices who ruptured the image of the hard earned peaceful atmosphere after the political ruckus that happened during presidential election. So stop being a moral police and keep your biased judgement to yourself.I can sensed that you are one of those Sikyong loyalist. People are not fools the kind of politics thats played out by Sikyong. How ill mannered he was to refer to PT la in a derogatory manner. Very unfortunate!! Not proud of our Sikyong!!

    • December 9, 2017 at 12:37 am

      I am not being audacity to lecture penpa tsering la, I am being honest and giving him sincere suggestions for his future because he is now private citizen not any more any official ranking in CTA. Sikyong and Kashag did not alleged him but charged him resulting to dismiss him from an employee. It was not political ruckus but civil administration delivered in the best interest of CTA. I don’t have to be loyalist to LS because I am not working under him. It was not biased or judgement from me but commented on the basis of truth. People are foolish and nothing but foolishness of act to protest just for removing an employee, seemed have no idea about civil administration how it functions. Well, wake up and wise up yourself.

      I don’t know LS as person and I have never met him. But I am very proud of him because so far no kalon tripa has able to speak and voice out on international platform for tibet and tibetans on Tibet cause.

      He is the only able person among us at this time who has guts and vision/development plan to run CTA. (how many reforms he has made CTA administration for better and efficient and effectiveness)
      He is only person among us who can give befitting replies to western medias when they scrutinised him, why western country should support tibet for what? in exchange of economic progress to their country has from china.
      He is the only persons among us who has able to develop direct relation to Indian politicians and its leaders which very important for tibetans.
      He is the only person among us who has able to bring Indian political leaders to Dharmasala to celebrate HHDL birth day.
      He is the only person among us who can weigh and influences among Indian politician and Indian masses and Indian educational institution where he often invited for valuable lecture.
      He is the only person among us efficient in drawing western intellectuals and political leaders to support tibet cause.
      He is only person among us who is able to bring monetary fund to CTA development and for well fare assistance to poor tibetan people.

      These are reasons I supported LS and if PT is efficient as LS I will certainly support PT la.
      I don’t shit about, kham, utsang, Dhoeme, as long as they are tibetans.

  • December 8, 2017 at 11:31 pm

    Oh ya prominent figure of who has rumour hovering over murder and stealing, actually this was confronted by one of MP in full view of Sikyong/ministers and MP while PT la was speaker in Parliment. I am not supporter of LS and against PT la as a individual.
    The rumour should have been investigated by independent body at that time, PT la should have step down as speaker until out come of investigation. PT la was very lucky that didn’t happen because he was serving speaker at that time and who will order investigation?

    I supported LS for his achievement as Sikyong and against PT la what he has done. ( what are achievement PT la’s 20 years plus service in CTA)

    Every government or organisation has chain of command to function it smoothly. The reason kashag has given is far more valid to sack an employee who is not up the task entrusted by Sikyong/Kashag/CTA. PT la was an employee and it is his duty to adhere as directed by Sikyong/Kashag/CTA. PT la was appointed as rep by Sikyong/kashag and not functioning on his own authority in DC office.

    PT la has every right to appeal in justice system and produce his 97 pages of his rebuttal against kashag if he feels his sacking was wrong. That is proper procedure in any government.

    But why we out cry and protest against our own Sikyong/Kashag/CTA just for removing an employee who could not deliver as expected by exile government. It is foolish and nothing but foolishness act of people out there protesting for removing an employee by Kashag.

    Please don’t call Sikyong and accomplices, if we tibetans don’t respect our Sikyong/Kashag/CTA then who will. Rest of world don’t give shit about us that is reason we are scattered around the world as stateless and second class citizen among people of world. Our fellow tibetans who have been continued suffering under brutal force of PLA of Chinese regime. We should go in-front of Chinese embassy and protest not with in our own at this juncture.

    Once tibet is free and sovereign country then by all means protest even just for a lolly against government.



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