Penpa Tsering Says Is Calm And Patient But Important To Justify Truth

The outgoing representative to North America Mr. Penpa Tsering said that he is calm and patient despite all the incidents but it is very important to justify the truth in a recent public speech. In a clip of his speech at a recent event in United States, he has said that he is not holding any grudge against any body but thinks it important to justify the truth.

The former speaker of Tibetan parliament in Exile said that by implementing the Buddhist teachings to practice patience and compassion during the adversities in our life so that we shun away all negative feelings such as hatred, anger against others, he is not holding any grudge. However for the benefit of the society, he said that he feels it is important to justify the truth and whenever he needs to do he said he will do so.

While encouraging the members of Tibetan audience to practice patience and compassion in addition to reading and reciting the buddhist texts when there are many religious teachers available in our community today.

Penpa Tsering was appointed as the Representative to North America in 2016 after he lost in the Tibetan exile election. However, just after one year and two months, president of Central Tibetan Administration Dr. Lobsang Sangay led cabinet replaced him from the office. While the cabinet initially denied to clarify any details of removing him, it later made a 10 point clarification on public demand which accused the representative of under performance, insubordination and more importantly a growing trust deficit. He will be replace by Mr. Ngodup Tsering, a long time Tibetan civil servant from the beginning of December this year.

According to the clip, Mr. Penpa Tsering says that keeping in mind of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s teachings, he has never done anything work against His Holiness’s will nor he will do in the future. Eventually he requested the audience to fulfil their duties honestly and transparently as His Holiness teaches.

However, the Lobsang Sangay led cabinet has been strongly contested by a large number of Tibetans from across the world especially a groups of Tibetans through micro messaging apps such as WeChat. People have been sending in letters to the cabinet demanding to justify the accusations against Penpa Tsering. A poster calling on for a demonstration in demand of justification against the accusations at the seat of Tibetan administration in Dharamshala in India on November 27 is also doing rounds in the social media.

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