China Deployed Stealth Fighter J-20 Near Indian Border In Tibet

There are reports that China has deployed, J-20 a stealth fighter aircraft near Indian border in Tibet. India would not be too happy if this is true as it does not yet have stealth aircraft. India and China both have been building massive infrastructure in the borders areas. China, in particular has made heavy infrastructure in Tibet, perhaps with a possible India-China war in mind which it doesn’t rule out completely. Much of the PLA’s air force deployments aimed at India are located in five civilian and military airports in the Tibet Autonomous Region.

This will certainly give China a huge edge in the rugged topography of Tibet region. China also operates world’s highest airport in Tibet, a development that will have major implications for India should there be a war which China doesn’t rule out completely. A think tank in China has suggested that India may not yield its demands on Arunachal Pradesh and in 30-40 years time China may have to fight a war against it South Asian neighbor.

J-20 stealth fighter is regarded as major feat for Chinese military which has been undergoing massive modernization in recent years.

China like India has also been dependent on Russian arms and ammunitions including advanced versions of Russian made Sukhois which the Indian Air Force also operates. But J-20 will certainly give China a huge edge viz a viz India. India is yet to have stealth aircraft. Though China has larger domestic ammunition industry that India but it still doesn’t have technologies to compete with advanced technologies of western countries.

Commenting about J-20 features, an official in the PLAAF told media that “J-20 contains many of China’s top technologies in stealth aircraft plus other military secrets.” He however did not brief about the number of J-20 which are ready to be inducted or have been inducted in the Chinese air force.

J-20 was also displayed at China’s biggest air show at Zhuhai last November and it made military observers in India very concerned when its photographs at an airport in Tibet were published.

In September, photos of the J-20 being deployed in southwestern Sichuan province on the Tibetan plateau appeared in Chinese social media websites.

It appears that China which denies that it considers India as threat has begun to take it seriously as the border areas are seeing military specific action and infrastructure on both sides of the border.

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