Growing Trust Deficit, Under Performance and Insubordination: Kashag Clarifies On Replacing Penpa Tsering

The Kashag at Central Tibetan Administration when gave a very surfaced reason against replacing the representative Penpa Tsering in a press conference on November 9, there was an uproar in the public for proper clarifications. Today Kashag has published a public clarification stating that based on a growing trust deficit, under performance and insubordination with the former speaker led to his ousting.

“At the time of his appointment as the North America Representative, Penpa Tsering said he doesn’t hold any grievances against Sikyong Lobsang Sangay and that the election phase was over. He also said now that Sikyong had placed trust in him, he would deliver his best and fulfill the objectives of Kashag. Unfortunately Representative Penpa Tsering was unable to transition from an elected representative to serving as a representative of the Central Tibetan Administration. This created a relationship characterized by lack of confidence and trust between him and the Kashag. The Kashag therefore made the decision to replace him based on three reasons: a growing trust deficit, under performance and insubordination.” said the clarification in the official website of Central Tibetan Administration.

Stating the three reasons, a growing trust deficit points to the following incident:

  • The representative is reported to have deliberately informed the CTA auditors about the $1.5 Million outstanding record while Sikyong had already clarified that it wasn’t a loan rather a contribution from the Tibet Fund.
  • The representative has been making disparaging remarks about Sikyong and the Kashag since July 2016 wherever he visited.

Under Performance from the Representative points to the following incidents:

  • North America Representative, between August 2016-April 2017, important developments in the US which was Donald Trump’s victory, forming of the new Government, President Trump’s first meeting with President Xi Jinping, etc., had failed to submit formal reports, confidential or otherwise from the DC office to CTA as customary.
  • Representative Penpa Tsering failed on DIIR’s mandatory standing order to report on Dolgyal-related activities pertaining to His Holiness’s security.
  • Representative’s negligence and failure to conduct the simplest of due diligence caused unnecessary hassle and complications in the case of DC office’s five bank accounts.

Insubordination points to following incidents:

  • In October 2016 Representative Penpa Tsering publicly announced Kunga Tashi will be posted in New York as the Chinese Liaison Officer and Coordinator without approval or consultation with the Kashag for DIIR.
  • The representative refused to act on the reports of 2018 White House Budget zeroing out their aid to the Tibetan programs.

“No one incident triggered the Kashag’s decision. However, within a very short period of time, there were multiple lapses and an erosion of trust and confidence. The Office of Tibet in Washington, DC is one of the most important offices of CTA. The CTA’s and the collective interest of the Tibetan people demands that this important office be led by someone that has the trust and confidence of the Tibetan leadership. The Kashag, after careful deliberation and successive meetings unanimously decided to replace the Representative because of the three reasons: growing trust deficit, under performance and insubordination. Like at the time of Penpa Tsering’s appointment as the Representative, the Kashag again followed similar procedure to replace him as per the provisions in Article 1 (iii) of the Tibetan Charter.” added the report.

While there has been many speculations about the ousting of one of the highly respected public figures in the Tibetan community, this clarification should stand to silence all questions if the former speaker himself does not have anything to disagree with all the incidents pointed out by the Kashag.

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3 thoughts on “Growing Trust Deficit, Under Performance and Insubordination: Kashag Clarifies On Replacing Penpa Tsering

  • November 19, 2017 at 5:39 am

    I hope you would also do some research on validity of the reasons stated thus in Kashag’s statement. Why should it silence the questions, legitimate questions? Why has TibetFund in its financial statement declared 1.5 million usd as loan to CTA? All other reasons seems very petty!! Why did Kalon Karma Gelek Yuthok didn’t state all these reasons out in public, if these petty issues were actually the reasons?

    This piece so very one sided. Sorry

  • November 22, 2017 at 9:43 am

    There is no need people to out cry for dismissal of Penpa Tsering. The reasons were published by Kashag and let Penpa Tsering himself take matter further if he believes he was dismissed unfairly and charges were not true. Let Penpa Tsering himself speak and write on website.
    Why these people are writing on behalf of Penpa Tsering against Kashag. Why these people are so much of inciting and stirring among tibetan people to go against our own Kashag and CTA. All these people who are attacking and accusing Kashag are literally working for Dhoegyal and Chinese regime. It seemed these people are so much proud of themselves to write something on website against Kashag and pretending themselves a self declared glorified. (legendary in your own mind) If any one of you think can run CTA better than Lobsang Sangay, plan now to run for the next Sikyong’s post and win the election. Then let us see how one will implement while actual on the field rather than making big sound/barking on website and creating mistrust against Kashag and CTA. Come out and join to CTA and work then see yourself how LS and Kashag is working.

    It is normal practice in any country’s government, its leader’s lost trust/no confident to its understaff, there will be change. It is very common in western countries. As Kashag pointed out, Growing trust deficit, under performance, insubordination, these level of charges are valid reason to replace to another staff who has these said qualifications. Now if this 1.5 million dollars is inappropriate used then, there is auditor general department who will take action.

  • December 5, 2017 at 8:27 am

    Thank you Lobsang Sangay la.

    I have watched your explanation at Toronto meeting about 1.5 million dollars saga that penpa tsering and his supporters created all these unnecessary, untrue rumours on social media.

    I knew and believed right from the beginning there must be valid reasons to replace penpa tsering as representative officer from DC office before kalon karma gelek la spoke to media in dharmsala about kashag’s decisions.

    I have made few comments, reasons on assumption in regards to removal of penpa tsering as representative from DC office before kashag’s clarification on media. My reasons and comments was almost same reason given by kashag’s 10 point reasons on social media.

    I did not have a slightest doubt about kashag’s decision for removal of penpa tsering from DC office. I have full trust and confident in kashag’s decision, that is, in the best interest of CTA to avoid dysfunctional and to run smoothly.

    I supported you from far away from the beginning of year 2011 for your efficient and effective as sikyong and your dedicated service for tibetan people and you are the best performer at this time for the top job in CTA.

    Replacing an employee in government is usual practice and very common under Australian government when employee is not up to the task entrusted to him/her.

    I wish you all the best and hopefully one day we may able to see you travelling to Beijing to negotiate for real autonomy of tibet, although I don’t agree MPW, but at least to begin talk and make Chinese regime understand how our fellow tibetans are sufferings in their own home land under their repressive policy and stop systemically destroying our scriptures, languages, culture and our beliefs.

    My prayers for your successful missions ahead.

    Phurbu Tsering Dhungso Tsang, Sydney.


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