Tibetan Almost Kills Himself In Front Of China Embassy For Free Tibet

A Tibetan youth went to kill himself by stabbing himself with a knife during the 10th March protest by Tibetans near China embassy in Netherlands to protest against China for free Tibet.

The Tibetan identified as Rigzin Dorjee while the Tibetans were gathered at the China Embassy in Netherlands protesting peacefully with slogans, the youth went on to stab himself with a knife so that he could kill himself to protest against China. Fortunately he was noticed by the fellow next to him in the crowd who stopped him from the dangerous act and he could not hurt himself at all.

Instantly the local police attended to the incident and arrested Dorjee. The police kept him under custody for a few hours following which they handed him over to the Tibetan Community Authorities who carefully escorted him to his family.

According to The Tibet Express, Rigzin Dorjee has stated his deep concern over the trending Tibetan self immolation act against Chinese authorities and urged for the need of unity among Tibetans in the diaspora. He said that he has failed one act he planned to do for Tibet today.

According to the Tibetan authorities, Dorjee is a very patriotic Tibetan who has been an active participant of every Tibetan programs directed in protest against China and mostly he has been a leader of sloganeering in such demonstrations over the years. It is also a noted that Rigzin Dorjee has since long time decided to sacrifice his life to protest for Free Tibet.

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