US Govt Will Not Support Tibet Cause Suggests Columnist

A blog in the Sri Lankan Guardian recently wrote that Tibetans should not foster the idea that the United States Government will support its cause. It detailed how, starting from the Obama administration, USA was tentative about its relationship with China suggesting that US government more towards its trade relations with China then to raise the human rights issues and Tibet cause.

Fast-forward to President Donald Trump who recently concluded talks with second-term-elected Chinese President Xi Jinping, the piece mentions that United States’ stance on human rights violation and freedom in Tibet seems bleak and wobbly at the best. Former US President Barack Obama welcoming the Dalai Lama through the back door of the White House was the first indication of the US being careful about ruffling China’s feather.

“Earlier, when Chinese President Xi Jinping and his wife visited USA, President Trump never raised any issue about human rights violation in China and  it’s unjustified claim on Tibetan territory. The recent visit of President Trump to China makes it amply clear that USA looks at China only as a trade and business partner and US has absolutely no concern about China’s forced occupation of Tibet suppressing the freedom for Tibetans,” the column mentioned.

Trump, who has stressed that he will bring business back into the United States, is going to maintain good relations with China based on trade interests. The column also mentions that over 253 billion USD are at stake if relation sours between China and the United States.

“These countries are sure to understand the plight that Tibet had to undergo in the hands of China. Tibetans should take some steps to spread awareness about their plight in these countries and seek the support of the governments. This could be a starting point for the next stage of struggle for the Tibetan freedom,” the column highlighted how Tibetans can seek assistance for their freedom struggle by looking at countries like Japan, Vietnam and Philippines who are apprehensive about China’s territorial ambitions.

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One thought on “US Govt Will Not Support Tibet Cause Suggests Columnist

  • November 22, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    The suggestion is true and authentic but Communist China can be only undermine by US super power based upon current situation. US is based upon self interest and self protectionist thought, so the country is not reliable like India and Asian countries including China itself who have culture based upon caring others. However, Communist China is run by the Marxist ideology that came from West which has undermined pristine thoughts of ancient Chinese civilization. Chinese people must work hard to regain their valuable pristine thoughts that comes from Buddhism and it will bring lasting peace in Tibet, China and all over the world. We are not enemy of Communist Chinese but its ideology from the West.


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