After New US Law China Promise Faster Tourist Permits to Tibet

After the new law formed by the United States against China’s hypocrite policies concerning Tibet, China has come up with a claim that it will provide faster tourist permits for those traveling to Tibet. This is in contrary to how the Chinese counterparts reacted to new US law implemented recently.

The Tibet Reciprocal Access Law unanimously passed by both senate and the congress of the United States was signed by president Donald Trump in December last year. The law will deny US visas for Chinese officials who deny American citizens, government officials and journalists access to Tibet, the homeland of exiled spiritual leader Dalai Lama.

Although China resolutely protested against the law vowing of serious consequences in the relationship between the two countries, China has now revealed that they plan to provide faster tourist permits to Tibet.

Currently, tourists need a special permit to visit Tibet in addition to Chinese visa and the permit takes at least 15 days for approval. However, those seeking permit to visit Tibetan areas are routinely rejected, and the few who gets permitted are forced to stay on strictly controlled official tours, where the true situation of the Tibetan people is hidden from them.

However, China has now approved the Tibet provincial government’s plan to approve faster approvals for foreigners. “The Tibet region will improve the service for, and management of overseas tourists as part of the measures to develop regional tourism, Qi Zhala, chairman of the regional government, said on Thursday without directly referring to the new American law.” according to the report in The Week on Thursday.

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