BJP Takes Over Congress In Dharamshala Election

The BJP candidate takes over the Congress candidate in the Dharamshala election as per the poll results of Himachal Pradesh state elections came out today. The Congress candidate who is the incumbent member of legislative assembly for the Dharamshala constituency has been overthrown by the BJP candidate.

The BJP candidate Mr. Kishan Kapoor has taken the victory in Dharamshala constituency with a vote count of more than twenty six thousands while the incumbent MLA form Dharamshala, Mr. Sudhir Sharma from congress party has managed a decent of more than twenty three thousands votes.

Himachal Pradesh state itself has been snatched from the Congress party in this election and now the BJP will be forming its government in the India Himalayan state after it has gained a total of 44 seats from a total 68 seats. This means that the BJP has achieved an access of 18 seats as compared to the last elections while the Congress party’s share has decreased by 15 votes and loses its government.

While BJP has been able to hold its seat in Shimla, the Congress party managed to overtake the constituency of Kangra and then BJP has overtaken the Paonta Sahib constituency.

Today besides the Himachal poll results, the Gujarat elections results were also announced where the saffron party has managed to hold its record 22nd year of government in the state. The BJP has grabbed a decent 99 constituencies while Congress party manages an encouraging 80 constituencies in Gujarat.

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