China Arrest Tibetan for Keeping Dalai Lama Books, CDs

Local Chinese authorities in a part of the traditional Kham province of Tibet have arrested a Tibetan man for the possession of the Dalai Lama books and CDs according to the report of the Free Tibet Society based in London earlier this month. The CDs were the videos of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Kalachakra teachings, the largest religious teachings from the spiritual leader presently based in India.

“Chinese authorities in Trido Town in Sog County in traditional province of Kham have arrested a Tibetan man for possessing books by the Dalai Lama and video CDs of the Kalachakra initiations by the Tibetan leader.” said the report in the official website of the Free Tibet Society base in London.

According to the news report from, Gangye, is in his 50s and he was forcefully taken away on 8 May after Chinese police arrived at his home and found books written by the Dalai Lama and video CDs of the Tibetan leader’s Kalachakra initiation. It is added that the police had ransacked his house and confiscated the books and CDs

Gangye and his two sons, Choedak and Tenzin, had been summoned and temporarily detained by the police on several occasions in the past and prior to the latest raid at their house, the family suspects that they were kept under the surveillance by the police.

“Each time, Gangye was released after being interrogated. This time, however, he has not returned. His whereabouts and situation remains unknown,” Free Tibet Society report said about the Tibetan man.

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