Now China To Renovate Yumbu Lakhang By Next April

China wants to renovate the Yumbuu Lakhang and they want to complete the project by April next year. According to the news report by the Chinese state mouth piece Xinhua, the government will complete the renovation of the oldest palace of Tibet by April, next year as announced by the authorities today.

“China has allocated a total of 10 million yuan (1.5 million U.S. dollars) to renovate Yumbu Lakhang, which is believed to be the oldest building in Tibet Autonomous Region, local authorities said Monday.” said the report in

The report describes the poor condition of the palace with its wooden structures decaying and the ever growing cracks in the walls are the reasons of providing a renovation project of the Tibetan historic site. While the announcement of the renovatopm came out today, the palace has been closed to the tourists and it is expected to complete by April 2018.

According to legend, it was the first building in Tibet and the palace of the first Tibetan king, Nyatri Tsenpo. Yumbu Lakhang stands on a hill on the eastern bank of the Yarlung River in the Yarlung Valley of southeast Nêdong County about 192 kilometres (119 mi) southeast of Lhasa and 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) south of Tsetang says the description of the palace in wikipedia.

Recently, the Chinese government carried out an extensive renovation of the iconic potala palace in Lhasa where they completed the painting of the entire building in nine days.

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