China Under Pressure for Suppression of Ethnic Minorities in Tibet, Xinxiang and Hong Kong

The report of CERD, the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, has ruffled feathers in Chinese leadership. The review
took place at United Nations last month in presence of Chinese delegation. The Chinese have upped the ante against ethnic Uyghurs by
putting the dissenters in ‘Re-Education’ camps. Tibetans have already been subjected to such strategies albeit without much success so far as they have been resolute to retain their distinct cultural identity.

It is relevant to mention here that protection of linguistic minorities also finds mention in Chinese Constitution. But despite the  constitutional obligation, Tibetan Language is not permitted in court proceedings which hinder the justice if at all there is possibility for that. The report also raises the matter of political prisoners. The proceeding also included discussion on the death of Tenzin Delek Rinpoche , a monk who died in Chinese custody after being denied medical parole.

The Committee members subjected the Chinese Delegation to plethora of questions concerning its government’s efforts to put an end to racial discrimination in China. As expected, Tibet and Xinxiang were referred to frequently. Hong Kong and Macau also found notable mentions in the report.

The evidence provided by the groups working to expose Chinese imposed hardships on ethnic minorities in China was temporarily removed from website of CERD under Chinese Pressure. Documents and other evidences which exposed Chinese restrictions on freedom of movement, language rights and tactics to undermine cultural distinctness were removed from the website as many contained ‘objectionable’ references to Tibet as per the Chinese.

The Chinese have been very steadfast and alert in subverting anything that attempts to scrutinize the human rights violations there. It counters such narratives by emphasizing on lack of understanding of China by the western institutions.

As always Chinese delegation comprising of about 50 members responded by providing voluminous written information but the committee observed that ‘Key Information’ was not provided.

This is an interesting development as Trump Administration appears to be cornering China on every possible front from trade to Human rights violation front, something which Chinese try hard to counter.

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