Declare Tibet As Core Issue: President Sangay At Sondhi Memorial Lecture

President of Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamshala, Dr. Lobsang Sangay told India to declare Tibet as a one of the core issues like China during his speech at the M L Sondhi memorial lecture today. While speaking at the memorial lecture, the Tibetan president told that India should take Tibet as a formal agenda in their dialogue.

“India should declare Tibet as one of the core issues like China. It should make it part of the formal dialogue agenda. Had India taken a stand in 1950s and 60s (things would have been different),” Dr. Lobsang Sangay said while speaking at the M L Sondhi Memorial Lecture.

The Tibetan political leader was invited to speak on the theme, Tibet Holds the Key to Beijing where he affirmed that it does. He told that Tibet is a ‘litmus test’ for the world and holds ‘key’ to Beijing which can spark numerous changes inside China itself. Therefore he said that restoring the guardianship of the Tibetan plateau to the Tibetan people is necessary

Dr. Sangay who has recently made a world wide tour in meeting and seeking support from the leaders of the countries, he explained about his observations of the Chinese influence taking over the countries he had visited. He explained that there is no choice only to decide whether to transform China and make them look more like us, liberal democracy, or should we transform to look more like China.

Senior BJP leader Ram Madhav also spoke at the memorial lecture where he told it is important for India to give up its ‘romantic’ foreign policies to learn dealing with its neighbours while he also suggested the need for India to have a pragmatic approach over the Tibet issue.

“As a nation, we have given commitment to China about its status. We should have a pragmatic policy (on Tibet),” Madhav said.

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