Intelligence Warns Of China Luring Tibetan Refugees In Northeast India To Be Spies

The Intelligence Bureau warns of China luring the Tibetan refugees in North east India to be their spies according to the report published by The Print. The IB issued warning where they have stated that China is trying to lure certain Tibetan refugees to provide local strategic information in exchange for monetary rewards.

“Amid rising India-China tensions along the Line of Actual Control, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) has issued a string of alerts warning that Tibetan refugees settled in northeast India are being approached by China to provide strategic information about the area.” said the report in the Print on Friday.

The IB warning has mentioned that China has been eyeing the Tibetans in the North Eastern part of India for the last two years. According to the report, the sources believe that many of the refugees it has recruited have already left for China.

“We received an alert stating that young Tibetan refugees settled in areas of Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim and other parts of northeast India are moving to China. We learnt that China is trying to recruit the refugees as spies in the area,” the report mention as a source saying, “It appears to be China’s strategy to make a base in India to create a channel, through which it can constantly receive relevant strategic information.”

While the IB will submit a detailed report of the issue to the Ministry of Home Affairs, the local police has already be alerted of the issue as per the report.

A home ministry official was also quoted as saying it may be a possibility and they will look into it.

Tibetans sought refuge in India after China completely occupied Tibet in 1959, which gave rise to the serious border tensions to India, as China started to claim territorial right into Indian territories, giving rise to a new phase of conflict between the two Asian giants that never existed before.

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