Meet The First Tibetan UFC Fighter: Sonam Dhargye

Sonam Dhargye or The Tibetan Eagle is the first Tibetan UFC fighter who made headlines by entering a UFC fight against Louis Smolka, an American mixed martial artist in Beijing. The Tibetan origin WLF Wars fighter debuted UFC in the UFC Fight night 41 in Beijing on last Saturday.

Sonam Dhargye hailing from the Aba region in Sichuan announced his name and the nickname, ‘The Tibetan Eagle’ while speaking to media through a translator. The 22-year-old Tibetan fighter has a presence in the Chinese MMA circle with an impressive 12-3-0 fighting record in his MMA career so far.

“My name is Sonam Dhargue, I’m sure you’ve never heard a name like that before [laughs],” Dhargye reportedly told the media through a translator, “but it’s a name from the Aba region in Sichuan. My nickname is the Tibetian Eagle.”.

The young MMA fighter also explained that he is a finisher in the fight who does not like dragging the fight to decisions. He also added that people will get to see his style in the debut fight.

“I’m a finisher, I don’t like dragging fights to decisions, but people will find out my style very soon at UFC Beijing. I hope to see people there. I’m fighting on home soil, so (I will win by) TKO or submission. I don’t fight just to get the win, but I fight to put on a show.” explained the Tibetan UFC fighter.

“All of the Tibetans from the region watch my fights and support me. My cause is that I want to bring honour for my people, team and the country! I’m thankful to Mr. Enbo, Jalil Alizhanov, MTK and most importantly the UFC for this opportunity. I will make everyone proud!”, he added.

Although, Dhargye lost the fight in the second round through submission, he is gathering a huge fan following especially from the Tibetan community. Despite Tibetans are a peace loving national, people are proud of his presence in the elite international fighting championship; being the first to do so among the Tibetans.

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