No-Frisking Privilege at Domestic Airports for His Holiness Affirmed by Home Ministry

Recently, Civil Aviation Ministry of India sought the suggestion from Home Ministry about barring the No-Frisking Privilege at the Domestic airports for His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the reply from the Home Ministry was a reassuring of continuation of the privilege offered to His Holiness.

The civil aviation ministry had sent the name of Gandhi family, Robert Vadra along with His Holiness the Dalai Lama for review of their no-frisking privilege. They are both exempted from the frisking airports across the country under the category of┬áSpecial Protection Group protectees from the total of 33 categories of exemption and only the two’s names were taken for review.

Though Robert Vadra’s no-frisking privilege across the country was taken away, His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s no-frisking privilege was reaffirmed from the Home Ministry. Though the Home Ministry did not mention any reasons for the continuation of offering the privilege for His Holiness, the reply from ministry stated that they will continue to provide no-frisking privilege to His Holiness.

The categories of exemption from frisking at the airports were also cut short to 32 after this incident.

The no-frisk list includes the President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Union cabinet ministers, leader of opposition, Supreme Court judges, high court chief justices, chief ministers and their deputies, governors, ambassadors and Special Protection Group protectees.

While it is actually disheartening from the civil aviation on question the privilege of no-frisk for His Holiness, it is also proud moment to have solid affirmation of the privilege. It must be understood that Dalai Lama is the designation of the leader of Tibet for many years gone while at the same time, he is a global leader today and such a privilege should not be of any question.

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