People Need Not Worry About Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy: NPP Arunachal Pradesh

People need not worry about Tibetan rehabilitation policy in Arunachal Pradesh which was approved to be implemented in the state recently by the cabinet of CM Shri. Pema Khandu, said the National People’s Party following the All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (APPSU) president’s  statement denouncing the government’s decision in extending the rehabilitation policy for the Tibetan refugees in the state.

The Arunachal Pradesh state extend Tibetan Rehabilitation policy 2014 on August 12 this year according to the mail report from the Chief Minister of the State to the President of Central Tibetan Administration, Dharamsala. The state adopted the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy Act 2014 formalized by the Central Government of India for the Tibetans residing in the country.

Policy guideline makes a clear policy statement that Tibetans may be allowed to undertake any economic activity and to that extent, relevant papers/trade license/permit may be issued to them. The policy also says that Tibetan Refugees may also be permitted to pursue/take jobs in any field for which they are professionally qualified. These could be fields like nursing, teaching, Chartered Accountancy, medicine, engineering etc.

However, the APPSU president protested the decision stating that the policy will have negative implications to the indigenous people of the state and its demography. He also stated that the situation in Arunachal Pradesh is different and it can not be compared to other states like Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand who has already implement the policy.

“The state unit of the National People’s Party (NPP) urged the people of the state not to worry over the implementation of the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy 2014. The policy will not make any impact on the socio-economic development and change the state’s demography. Rather, we should stand together to extend our solidarity for the cause of the Tibetans who are fighting for autonomous region within the People’s Republic of China, the party said in a statement.” said the report in The Arunachal Times.

“In order to streamline the process of facilities to be given to the Tibetan refugees, the centre had formalized the Tibetan Rehabilitation Policy 2014 and accordingly directed the Arunachal Pradesh Government to implement the same.” said the state unit President Gicho Kabak.

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