The HongKong Connection

Today the world is discussing the horrific situation happening in Hong Kong where peaceful demonstration from the citizens in demand for a democratic government is being threatened forcefully. The Beijing government under the autocratic command of Xi Jingping is paying no heed to the demands of the citizens whatsoever. This situation is a clear reflection of the truth behind the functioning of the Chinese government and its objectives. When the situation in HongKong which is under the open scrutiny of whole world, is being handled in such a manner, what do you expect of such situation somewhere in Tibet?

The HongKong situation that is being talked around the world today is a perfect proof of the deceptive nature of the Chinese government. Besides, the world and the Chinese citizens are also aware of the fact that government has as manipulated the media content that is being circulated in the mainland about this unrest. Thus, there isn’t so much complexity to conclude of all these today, i.e., as people living in a country we are entitled with an ethical responsibility to stand up with the truth and support HongKong. The Chinese government promised HongKong citizens in the witness of the British and the US government for


 a ‘one country, two systems’ which clearly mentioned freedom of election but that promise is being hampered today. The connection to this situation is the autonomous status for the Tibetan people inside Tibet. The Chinese government claims to have granted Autonomy for the Tibetans wherein the majority of the officials are pure Chinese nationals while the Tibetans have a demand for a Genuine Autonomy which has not at all being considered. The situation in Tibet much more severe and out of reach from the outside world of media.

This unrest in the HongKong could be a testimony for the world against in injustice and autocracy for all the people stuck such forced control in today’s free world if people from around the world stand up for justice irrespective of the personal or national interest. It is high time today that we the people be given the right to make our own decisions.Today it is HongKong, tomorrow it will be Taiwan or Tibet or Uyghur or any such country.

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