Tibetan Administration Hopes Better India, China Tie Could Benefit Tibet Issue

The spokesperson of the Central Tibetan Administration in contrary to the confusions amid India’s unusual stance on Tibet in appeasing China, expressed his hope that better India, China relationship could benefit in finding a solution to the protracted Tibet issue.

After government of India directed its officials to avoid the grand ‘Thank You India’ event scheduled to be held in New Delhi in the graceful presence of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, citing a period of ‘sensitive times’ in its dealing with China, the event has now been shifted to Dharamshala to hold at a much lower profile event.

Though the government of India further clarified that their stand on either the spiritual leader as well as Tibet has not changed, criticism for its unusual move against the Dalai Lama events imparted an otherwise message. However, the representatives of the Tibetan government in exile told that the decision is not surprising or shocking, while adding that good relationship between the two Asian giants could help in resolving the Tibet issue.

“The decision is not surprising or shocking. There have been such precedents in the past. We continue to maintain that we owe a lot to India and it is our role and duty to protect Indias interests as well.” Dhardon Sharling, Secretary Information and International Relations, CTA said according to the India Today report.

Spokesperson for the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA), Sonam Dagpo also spoke in the report “What we want to believe is that good relations between India and China will really help in solving the Tibetan issue. We welcome better relations between India and China. If relations between the two countries improve then that will definitely help in resolving the Tibet issue”

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