Tibetan Man Beaten, Arrested For Sharing Dalai Lama Pictures

A Tibetan man was beaten and arrested for sharing pictures of His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the social media in Sershul County in Kardze, eastern Tibet. The young Tibetan man was had also shared the pictures of Tibetan Flag and had also been sharing writings on the preservation of the Tibetan language.

“The man, identified, as Gendun, is from Sershul County in Kardze, eastern Tibet. He shared the images on the Chinese instant messaging application WeChat.” said the news report in Free Tibet.

WeChat is a Chinese messing app with social media features that the Tibetans inside as well as outside Tibet use heavily. However, there has been many occurrences where the Chinese authorities made detention of Tibetans on the basis of the WeChat information.

The Chinese social media app is said to share the personal information and the activities of the users to the government to keep a track of the users.

Gendun was severely beaten and held in a Chinese prison in Sershul County, according to a source of Voice of Tibet. The same source also said that the area has since come under intensified surveillance and restriction and that local Tibetans are apprehensive of passing information through Wechat.

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