Tibetan Market Harassed For Bill, Alleges Misuse Of Money!

A Tibetan market harassed for not being able to issue bill for a purchase of a sweater in Gwailor according to the video being circulated by a Facebook page named Bjp All India. Besides this encounter for bill, what is more intriguing is the allegation made by one of interviewee that the Tibetans must be misusing the money against India!

The encounter made against the Tibetan refugees selling Indian made winter clothing such as sweaters, jackets, pants, etc., but one of the allegations suggesting that the Tibetans might be using the money against our own host country India is totally not acceptable and we doubt the real intentions of the speakers! Every Tibetan living in India call it their great home without any second thoughts and such an allegation is strongly depressing.

To explain the real situation of Tibetan market sellers, the winter sweater business has the sole livelihood of the Tibetan refugees in India. Tibetans settled across India as refugees are living in government sanctioned remote locations largely in Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh where they have lived for many years now.

These Tibetans borrow Indian made products such as Sweaters, Jackets and other cloths from the lalas (Merchants) in Indian market hubs such as Ludhiana and Delhi, with which help they set up markets in Indian cities and towns during the peaks season of the cold. Despite the business seems highly lucrative as the video grapher suggested, the Tibetans are just the resellers and that is the sole income for their family for the whole year!

Besides, as the last person in the video who sounded as a passers by suggested that these people might be misusing the money against our country, it is highly questionable against the very person. As aforesaid, the businesses is a seasonal business supporting the livelihoods of the majority of over hundred thousand Tibetans across India. In such a comparison, the amount is not all sufficiently large enough to be using for any possible anti national activities while the Tibetans have never actually been known for instigating any anti national activities.

In an additional information, the Tibetan markets across the country this year started a boycott of selling products that are made in China which we have also covered last month.

As far as billing is concerned, despite the fact that larger majority of them being uneducated elder Tibetans, I am well aware of the fact that these Tibetans sell a properly listed items taken from the suppliers in Delhi and Ludhiana which makes them effectively accountable for all taxes to be paid irrespective of the providing bills during the sale. As far as I know, most of the such markets in India do not provide bills and we have been accepting it so far unless a dawn of such a revolution has taken place.

Note: Image used is just a representation.

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