Tibetan Monk Jailed For Having Dalai Lama Photo In His Phone

A monk in Tibet named Gomar Choephel, 43 was on Feb. 17 sentenced by a People’s Immediate court in Malho (Hangman) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture to two years of jail term for sending photos of the Dalai Lama from his phone to social media and keeping it in his personal possession.

According to the news reports, Choephel was detained actually detained on 10th July last year after a raid at his monastery, kept  without any trials by the Chinese police and the sentence for his charges from a court come after seven months of detention and it is not yet clear whether the authorities will count his seven months of detention in the sentence.

The government has charge against the monk for instigating social instability and working at splitting the wholesome of the mainland.

Gomar Choephel is a monk of Rongwo monastery in Malho’s Rebgong (Tongren) county and he is currently held at the county’s Drakmar detention centre according to news reports in radio free asia.

The 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet fled Tibet in 1959 after the Chinese forcefully occupied Tibet. Though the 80 year old Tibetan spiritual leader emerged to the top spot of most revered spiritual leaders in the world, he is labeled as a separatist or more seriously as a terrorist by the Chinese authorities and even his pictures are banned in Tibet.

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