Tibetan Woman Wins As 1 Of 5 Global Animal Rights Superheroes

Tibetan woman wins as 1 of 5 Global Animal Rights Superheroes for 2017 this World Vegetarian Day according according to reports. The Pollination project acknowledges global heroes advocating the voiceless animals from across the world and this year’s winner includes Tibetan lady from Dharamshala, India.

“Each October 1st, World Vegetarian Day, the Pollination Project recognizes a handful of the behind-the-scenes superheroes through the Lisa Shapiro Awards; a $2500 cash prize offered by a global community of animal rights peers.” said the report in Huffington Post.

“Over 80 people had a hand in selecting this years’ winners. May they serve as an example of the many thousands of selfless activists on whose shoulders we stand, as our global movement continues to grow.” added the report.

Dawa Dolker Liebe is a Tibetan dentist based in Dharamshala, India and she is the founder of Dharamsala Vegan Movement. Dawa is a huge inspiration to the Dharamshala community by persistently spearheading animal rights movement in the locality.

“She is the village go-to “animal rescuer” who leads seminars, public documentary screenings, distributes flyers, speaks at local schools, visits local monasteries and nunneries to talk about compassion and the environment, and produces large community wide educational events.” added the report.

The Lisa Shapiro Awards acknowledges the quiet superheroes of the Global Animal Advocacy Movement: people who work humbly behind the scenes, creating a world where animals do not have to suffer at the hands of humans. Other winners are Aivars Andersons and Katrīna Krīgere from Riga, Latvia, Chia-Pei (Jessi) Chang and Yu-Sheng Tai from Taipei, Taiwan and Ms. Socorro ‘Sukie’ Muller Sargent from El Paso, Texas, USA.

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