Tibetans In Exile Source Of Hope To Brothers And Sisters In Tibet: Dalai Lama

The Tibetan spiritual leader His Holiness the Dalai Lama while speaking to the Tibetans and people from Himalayan regions in Bengaluru told that the Tibetans living freely in exile are the source of hope to the brothers and sisters in Tibet. The crowd of more than 2500 people gathered to the talk were mostly young students on Monday.

His Holiness explaining about the unwavering spirit in the preservation of Tibetan culture and traditions of those living inside Tibet explained about the responsibility of those living in exile as free.

“Tibetans in Tibet have an undaunted spirit and an unswerving devotion to our religion and culture. Wherever we’ve ended up in the world, whether it’s in India, Europe, the USA, Canada, or Australia, we haven’t forgotten that we are Tibetans. It’s in our blood. The 150,000 Tibetans who live freely in exile are a source of hope to their brothers and sisters in Tibet. We have been successful in keeping our heritage alive. Since we came into exile, many people who weren’t acquainted with them before have taken interest in our religion and culture. Scientists in particular are taking a growing interest in what we know about the mind.” His Holiness explained to the gathering according to the official website of OHHDL.

“In the past, study of philosophy and logic, as well as learning about the mind, were largely the preserve of monks in the centres of learning. It wasn’t something people in the ritual monasteries or nunneries paid attention to. However, in exile monks in those monasteries and nuns in their nunneries have taken up the study of logic and philosophy. Throughout the Himalayan Region from Ladakh to Arunachal Pradesh lay people too are becoming 21st century Buddhists by studying what Buddhism is about.” His Holiness added.

The event was held at the King’s Court section of the Palace Ground in Bengaluru and the entire expense of the session was met by Ganden Jangtse Monastery.

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