To thy neighbor Nepal: be alert, be wary, be cautious

Leaving fear and terror behind, they sought refuge in this holy land. A safe haven it once was, now besieged by greed and polluted souls. Lord Buddha would’ve regretted having born in such a sinful place, where the followers of his Dharma, who sought shelter there are threatened with brutal force and malicious intent.

Fear my people thought they left behind, yet it had knocked ever closer. Once a friendly neighbor and a compassionate host, now its government seem possessed by demons of avarice, manipulated by a ruthless regime that tore us to the core.

Chasing that dangled carrot, the sold leaders of this once pious land, where every corrupted leaders has their own price line, have notched up their evil plan one level up. Lately under the Chinese orders, their new master, they have started collecting data on Tibetan refugees solely to surveil and control their movements and activities. The rise of Orwellian times underneath the skies of Nepal is real for Tibetans now.

Who would have thought this safe haven that once was, will one day be possessed by the demons of our nemesis, who reduced us to this dire state, a possible future fate of our host, I am scared.

Economic poverty of this nation is to be blamed for having stooped this low to a nation whose people eats everything that has legs except for chairs and tables. A nation and its leaders where compassion is inexistent. The Chinese having found this Achilles heels in their stricken poverty, and they have honed all their cues and placed carrot on stick to give this donkey a run for promise of prosperity measured these days on network of 5G’s.

I hope the chinese yuans piled up on the coffers of the few corrupted souls will trickle down to feed its poor people who elected them at the first place. If the chinese yuans do help to raise the poor people of Nepal to a better state at our sacrificial expense, the end will justify the means, I would still cautiously suppose!

Our people have been turned into a pawn, betrayed of their trust. If fates were reversed and Nepali were seeking shelter in our land, one thing is for sure that we would never betray a friend, least thy neighbor. I hope and pray that what you sow to prosper at our sad expense will not come back and haunt you.

This land where Buddha was born, spiritual wealth was always abound. But wait, in this time and age, spiritual wealth ain’t enough to feed the material wants of its leaders. Exorcism of this sacred land led by its greedy leaders therefore I think is in dire need.

Tibet was conquered starting with the promise of Chinese aids and elaborate gifts, reminiscent of how China is fooling you guys now. Our Tibetans leaders were fooled and it’s too late to turn back the clock, too late to bring some sanity into their innocent minds, too late to rewrite history that is being evaporated and history that is being cinicized everyday.

We have learned our lessons the hard way and we are a living testament to this contemporary wrath you all have witnessed.

The Chinese first came waving hands of friendship like they are doing now unto you and slowly like an octopus, stealthily with all its adhesive tentacles, will strangle you, will suffocate you, will take your hearts out of your mouths, will take your souls out of your minds.

I warn my Nepali brothers and their leaders to beware of this demon, who is as I speak thriving upon you now, who is walking nefariously the streets of Kathmandu now.

Before you are poisoned to paralysis, before you are fermented for a noxious divisive internal war, before you are swallowed whole by this demon, our nemesis that we abhor.

I just wanted to warn you that the cataclysmic fate that ran us over is too much to bear. Can’t you hear of countless painful cries coming from your windows near.

Can’t you see the countless smoke up above the Himalayas emanating from the charred remains of the self immolators not too far. It’s a story of oppression and repression, you don’t want to hear, you don’t want to invite, my dear friends. I don’t want to wish such a disastrous fate ever befall on your nation that enjoys freedom, even this free air now.

Be alert, be wary, be cautious. It could be lost forever when the Satan this big is hovering above you that ate us alive and when all your politician are spell bound and hypnotized. To collude with the demon is to sow wind that shall spawn whirlwind in the future. Beware.

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Ugyen Gyalpo

Ugen Gyalpo is a guest contributor from Woodside, New York

One thought on “To thy neighbor Nepal: be alert, be wary, be cautious

  • March 6, 2019 at 5:40 am

    thank you so much for publishing the Articles.many people around the world shld know bitter truth.thanks again


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