Top Australian Radio Launches Tibetan Language Program

The top Australian radio service SBS has launched the Tibetan language program on Monday according to the press release from the radio service. Along with the Tibetan language, four other languages have also been launched in their new radio app with an aim to cater to the increasing number of immigrant listeners to their service.

“SBS Radio today announced new in-language services for Tibetan speakers, providing a platform for them to share stories and celebrate their culture and people. The new service, starting from Tuesday 29 May 2018, includes community updates and a settlement guide, which offers expert advice and tips on daily Australian life that new migrants and emerging communities might find unfamiliar – from how to vote or lodge a tax return to guides on water and fire safety, healthcare and housing.” said the press release from the radio service on Tuesday.

Tibetan community leaders including the Australasia Member of Tibetan Parliament in Exile, Kyizom Dongdue, in different parts of Australia welcomed the service with excitement and gratitude for the due regard given to Tibetan language. While the latest launch is featuring Karen, Tibetan, Hakha Chin, Mongolian and Kirundai, it is also expected to add Telugu and Rohingya soon in the near future. All content is available digitally through audio podcasts on the SBS website and radio app.

SBS Director of Audio and Language Content, Mandi Wicks, said: “We are thrilled to be expanding SBS Radio services to include more communities who are most in need of information in languages other than English. With our audiences increasingly consuming our content via digital platforms, we believe on demand content is the most effective way to reach and engage younger audiences.”

The press release also introduced that the Tibetan language service will be produced by Pema Dolkar (Picture shown above) who has previously supported a lot of community work for the Australia Tibet Council’ project “Our Tibet Story” and also volunteered for the Bilingual Guide (Tibetan) at Settlement Service International (SSI).

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