TPiE Speaker Talks On Penpa Tsering’s Ousting As Representative

The Tibetan Parliament in Exile TPiE speaker Khenpo Sonam Tenphel talks on former representative Penpa Tsering’s ousting while appearing on the interview to the Voice of America on Wednesday. The speaker of the Tibetan parliament was asked by callers from across the world to share his views on the recent issue over the North America Representative.

“I am aware of the varying public sentiments over the North America Representative issue. However, the Representatives are a matter of the executive with special importance as the representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Regarding the setting up of the autonomous committee to review the entire case, it must be carried out through due process and can not comment as a speaker right away as of now.” said the Speaker answering about whether the Tibetan parliament could form a committee.

However, he explained that setting up committees are not very simple as it has to go through certain processes and especially it has been facing trouble in finding people to participate in such committees as in the past and it may be the same in the future.

When asked to give his opinion about the Kashag’s 10 point clarification about Penpa Tsering’s ousting and subsequent rebuttals, he said that despite series explanations from both sides over the issue, there has been serious uproar in the Tibetan community. He explained that it must be primarily been due to the inability to properly connect and clarify all to the public.

Khenpo Sonam Tenphel, who has been in the North America also took part in the massive Tibet solidarity rally held in New York on International Human Rights Day. He also explained to a caller that while the Tibetan parliament received many petitions from the public, since they were all copies of those addressed to the Kashag, no actions had been taken.

However, the speaker told that people should properly understand Central Tibetan Administration and believe in their leaders while at the same time the leaders should also understand their people.

Last month Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sangay lead cabinet of Tibetan government in exile removed North America representative, Penpa Tsering which led to a never seen uproar in the exile Tibetan community. While the cabinet published a 10 point statement explaining its reasons to remove him on public demand, Penpa Tsering sternly rejected them while later on he also briefed the press with a rebuttal against the points.

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