Trump Administration Assures Continued Support To Tibet Issue

Trump Administration assures continued support to Tibet issue according a report published by the Tibet Office, Washington D.C. Rex Tillerson, Cabinet nominee of President Trump for the Secretary of State has answered in very favourable terms to written questions about Tibet in very favourable terms.

“In response to written questions on Tibet from members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in the process of confirmation of Rex Tillerson, Cabinet nominee of President Trump for the Secretary of State, who got confirmed today by the Senate, he responded favorably to all the questions.” said the press release by Tibet Office, Washington D.C.

Mr. Tillerson’s reply promised of ensuring Human Rights issues including the cases of political prisoners that will be incorporated into US Diplomatic engagements with China. He also told that the administration considers the issues of religious freedom of Christians, Tibetan Buddhist, Uygyur Muslims, Falun Gong practitioners as high priority.

“In response to US commitment on Sino Tibet dialogue he mentioned that while recognizing Tibet as part of the People’s Republic of China, he will continue to encourage dialogue between Beijing and Representatives of Tibet’s “Government in Exile” and/or the Dalai Lama. He stressed that he will also encourage Beijing and the Governments of all nations to respect and preserve the distinct religious, linguistic, and cultural identity of the Tibetan people worldwide.” said the report.

He also asserted that he would commit to receiving and meeting the Dalai Lama. “Mr. Tillerson further commits to assess as to what should be the best policy, recognizing that reciprocity in treatment is a principal in bilateral relations in response to whether it would be advisable to limit the number of visas allowed to executives or administrative personnel from Chinese state owned media enterprises operating in the US or on Chinese officials who are responsible for denying access to Tibet to US citizens with visa sanctions.” added the report while he also sees locking down of regions like Tibet as ‘problematic’.

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