UK Parliament Introduced With Tibet Access Bill Similar to That Passed by US

The United Kingdom’s House of Commons was introduced with a Reciprocal Access to Tibet bill similar to that passed by the United States last year. A British lawmaker submitted the bill to the lower house of the UK Parliament this week demanding UK to ban Chinese officials who are responsible for blocking UK nationals access to Tibet.

Conservative Party MP Tim Loughton described in a video posted on the social media that the bill he introduced in the parliament will emulate US Reciprocal Access to Tibet law unanimously passed by both the houses of the state last year. He explained that the bill will tell China to open up and expose their human rights abuse against the Tibetans.

‘The Reciprocal Access to Tibet Act’ seeks equal access to Tibetan areas for US officials, journalists and common citizens which is routinely denied by the Chinese government. Under the Act, Chinese officials responsible for discriminating against Americans who try to enter Tibet would be banned from entering the United States.

MP Tim Loughton Introducing the Reciprocal Tibet Access bill in the House of Commons

The bill submitted by Conservative Party MP Tim Loughton is a similar bill now passed into law in the U.S., requiring a report to be made to Parliament each year, listing instances where British politicians, diplomats, and other travelers have been denied entry to Tibet. It will then bar entry to the UK for any Chinese officials found to block freedom of travel to Tibet by British citizens.

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